About Us

Our practical skills training facility focuses on skills development and training for unskilled labourers or people looking to expand their skills and knowledge basics in Welding, Boiler making, Building, Construction, Lifting and Mining Operator Training. We offer courses in the following disciplines:

Our courses last 15 days or less, meaning students will not be away from work for prolonged periods of time. Secondly, as soon as the course is completed students are able to commence work immediately. This training enables supervisors to identify dangers in the work environment, increase productivity, reduce cycle time and determine whether machines are being used for the correct application. This helps to reduce downtime and reduces cost related to unnecessary repairs as well as improves the scheduling of preventive maintenance interventions. Below are some of the services we offer:

The company focuses strongly on practical training and conducts on-site training for clients where the operators can practice on familiar machines. This includes training operators in the basics of how different machines work.


Scope of Operation

Diversity Technology Training Institute is operating within the boundaries of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique. Our current customer portfolio includes a verity of small, medium and large companies, and also includes sub-contracting for other Training Providers.

Construction Machine Operator Training Courses +

  • Fire Fighting
  • First Aid
  • Working on Heights
  • Tractor loader backhole Operator Training (T.L.B)
  • Front end loader Operator Training (FEL)
  • Grader Operator Training
  • Rigid Body Dump-truck Operator Training (777d)
  • Articulated Dump-truck Operator Training (ADT)
  • Dump-truck Without Restrictions Operator Training ( 777d + ADT)
  • Roller Operator Training
  • Bobcat Operator Training
  • Tip Truck Operator Training
  • Bull Dozer Operator Training
  • Excavator Operator Training
  • Continuous Bucket Trencher Operator Training

Lifting Machine Operator Training Courses +

  • First Aid
  • Fire Fighting
  • Forklift Operator Training ( f1, f2, f3 )
  • Reach Truck F05
  • Dangerous Good
  • Overhead Crane (C31)
  • Tower Crane (C41, C42)
  • Mobile Crane (C33, C34, C35,C37,C38,C43)
  • Occupational Health and Safety

Mining Machine Operator Training  Courses +

  • Load Haul Dump Machine Operator courses (L.H.D Scoop)
  • Drill Rig (Tam-rock, Twin boom, Roof Bolt)
  • Underground Dump-truck
  • Utility Vehicle (UV)
  • Competent B
  • Competent A
  • Blasting

Boilermaking and Welding+

  • Boiler-making
  • CO2 Welding
  • Arc Welding
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Double Coded Welding
  • Stick Welding
  • SP 0854/13-17 Welding Workshop Assistance
  • SP 0858/13-17 Gas Tungsten & Metal Arc Welding Skills
  • SP 0860/13-17 Integration Of Basic Engineering Skills
  • SP 0864/13-17 Welding Machine Operator
  • SP 0865/13-17 Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welding In All Positions Using Jigs
  • SP 0868/14-17 Basic Welding Skills & Gas Cutting
  • SP 0921/14-17 Basic Welding Skills
  • SP 0922/14-17 Basic Fabrication Skills
  • SP 0936/15-17 Brazing & Spot Welding Skills
  • SP 0937/15-17 Forming & Shaping Of Metal Plate
  • SP 0938/15-17 Basic Gas Tungsten Arc Welding & Forming of Sheet Metal Skills
  • SP 0940/15-17 Basic Shielded & Metal Arc Welding Skills
  • SP 0950/15-17 Assistant Arc Welder (Phase 2)
  • SP 0951/15-17 Assistant Welder Phase 2

Building and construction courses +

  • Bricklaying courses
  • Painting courses
  • Tilling courses
  • Tilling courses
  • Plastering courses
  • Paving /Flooring courses