The Company

Diversity Technology Training Institute is a South African registered business, founded in June 2015. Through hard work, commitment and superior learning interventions to our learners Diversity Technology Training Institute are proud to have achieved accreditation with TETA, MERSETA and CETA.

A.P. Chiora has been Chief Executive Officer Diversity Technology Training Institute and has been training since 2008. In 2016 Diversity Technology Training Institute was registered with TETA as a provisional accreditation and has managed solo to pro-actively ensure the company’s future as a respected full accredited entity within the training industry and provide to stakeholders quality assurance satisfaction. Diversity Technology Training Institute also got accreditation with MerSETA and CETA in 2017.

Our Goals

  • Ensure quality training is provided through the competency of trained and registered personnel
  • To maintain and build existing and future customer relationship
  • Ensure customer and learner quality learning interventions through learner feedback and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Work together with all relevant stakeholders in the industry to improving. Monitoring and contributing towards quality assured learning interventions

Our Objectives

  • Allow our services offered to exceed the expectations of the customers
  • Target potential new future customers and ensure trust and commitment
  • To be the trusted training provider within the South African training industry
  • Leaving our customer and learners satisfied with our superior service delivery will be Diversity Technology Training Institute trademark
  • Ensuring consistent, Continuous improvement