First aid Level 2 Training

First aid level 2 Training Unit Standard No:120496 Unit Standard Credits: 5 NQF Level: 2 Modules Demonstrate the principles of primary care in the workplace.. Sustain a basic level of preparedness for health emergencies in the workplace. Assess and manage an emergency scene in the workplace Demonstrate primary emergency lift support for adults ,children and infants according to current international protocols Transporting articulated dump truck to and from site. Explain and manage shock Conduct secondary assessment of the sick and/or injured person and provide appropriate primary emergency care within the workplace Keep records of the incident/accident Pay

Additional Info

  • Price: 750
  • Specifications: Unit Standard: 120496 NQF: 2 Course duration: 3 days Cost pp excl. VAT: R750.00 Cost includes: First Aid Level 2 Manual; CPR Mouthpiece and Gloves Certificate valid: 3 years Refresher / Renewals R450 (1 Day)


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